Love Never Dies
Song Info
Recorded 1992
Genre Rock
Length 3:54
Producer Mark Governor
Writer(s) Mark Governor

"Love Never Dies" is a song recorded by Traci Lords featured in the film Pet Sematary Two (1992). It was written and produced by Mark Governor. Lords was hired to record the song after meeting Rodney Bingenheimer at a birthday party, who recommended her to Jeff Jacklin. The original demo of the song was sung by Jan King.


Time is never time enough
And love is made to wait
You held me in your arms
We didn't know that fate
Tears it up
Can take you out of my eyes

Love never dies
With hearts so strong
Love will survive
When I get home
Then we will begin
Just close your eyes
I will prevail
Love never dies
Love never dies
Love never dies

Night, a night that never ends
Smell that must remain
And try to search for these
Ruggy stopless pains
No deceased remains
No one
No one
No one can take your breath