I'll Be Your Alibi
Song Info
Recorded 2011
Genre Electro house
Length 8:14 (E39 NYC Club Mix)
Producer Steve Hopkins
Writer(s) Traci Lords & Steve Hopkins

"I'll Be Your Alibi" is a song recorded by Traci Lords. The original version of the song was featured in the episode "Brick" of the American television series Sons of Anarchy. On September 19, 2015, the E39 NYC Club Mix of the song surfaced online.


I will be your Bonnie
You wanna be my Clyde
A skin in my fast car
We’ll go for a ride
My name’s Traci
Do you want this?

Now, can I get a whole new life
Disappear into the night
Guilty of a lover’s crime
I’ll be your alibi

I heat you up and bring my lust
We all cushing in the dust
And when I take you oh, so high
I’ll be your alibi

I will be your Bonnie
You can be my Clyde
We can get a fast car
And ride

I am out up in the flame
Crazy lust, so insane
Out of world, we get hot
We’re never gonna stop
I am heart, you are soul
Joined together, we are whole