Song Info
Album 1000 Fires
Recorded 1994
Genre Industrial electronica
Length 6:29
Producer Juno Reactor
Writer(s) Ben Watkins

"Good-N-Evil is a song recorded by Traci Lords for her debut studio album 1000 Fires (1995). It was written by Ben Watkins and produced by Juno Reactor.


I'm the trigger a piece of lead
I'm the air between the bullet and your head
I'm the heart the soul of man
I'm the skin between your hands
I'm there in the mountains I'm there in the land
I've been around since time began
Man made Gods
Man made Hell
Mirrored himself and started to yell

Locked inside Good-N-Evil
I'll turn it loose

Shine like an angel
Shine like the blues
Shine like the sun
The sun and the moon

There's nothing I can do that hasn't been done
There's nothing I can sing that hasn't been sung
There's nothing I can feel that hasn't been felt
There's nothing I can deal that hasn't been dealt

Locked inside Good-N-Evil

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