Catch Me In the Pose
Song Info
Recorded 2011
Genre Electro house
Length 5:04 (E39 Paparazzi Mix)
Producer Steve Hopkins
Writer(s) Traci Lords & Steve Hopkins

"Catch Me In the Pose" is a song recorded by Traci Lords. It was featured in the episode "Call of Duty" of the American television series Sons of Anarchy. On November 7, 2015, the E39 Paparazzi Mix of the song surfaced online.


Fashion divas make the scene
Fashion divas
Cameras in my face
Paparazzi on the chase

Catch me in the pose

Fashion divas on the scene
In the club, in limousines
Checking out you and me
Noticed, seen
Red carpet to the backstage
Photo to the front page
Cameras in my face
Paparazzi on the scene

Catch me in the pose
Totally exposed
In the night
Catch me

Soaking in the glare
A million hungry stares
Dripping in couture
Leave them wanting more
Skin exposed
Slide on my stilettos
Paint on my liner
Slip into my designer

I'm living a life in the spotlight
On the catwalk, girls talk
Every night on the screen in 3D
What you want is what you see
Yeah, that's me